The screenplay is not the last stage of a literary journey. It is the first stage of a film… A screenwriter has to be much more a filmmaker than a novelist.

Jean-Claude Carrière in The Secret Language of Film

Our Mission

At Dramatic Encounters, the Story takes primary place, so the main focus will always be on Writers and the quality of story editor support that we may provide for them.

We will create the climate and conditions for creativity so that Writers may produce their best work.

We will create stories with authentic voices to avoid reinforcing familiar stereotypes. The principle of Dramatic Encounters is “new truths are found when stereotypes are broken”.

Dramatic Encounters will produce high quality, emotionally engaging, character-based films and series based on the compelling stories of black and other under-represented communities that haven’t been told, for audiences that have an appetite for more of these stories from the imaginations of these under-represented creatives.

We welcome opportunities to partner with companies, filmmakers and actors in the UK and worldwide that share our mission to meet the demand.

We aim to satisfy the desire of UK and Global audiences to see thought-provoking, modern and high quality drama conveying stories that are remarkable for the insights they give us into our lives.

To this end, we encourage Writers to be innovative and willing to explore unconventional ways of cinematic storytelling, taking risks with genre, structure, tone, voice and character to achieve fresh takes on their subjects and to advance the art of storytelling for the screen.

The Dramatic Encounters Academy

An additional goal is to increase the participation of individuals from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and other marginalised groups in the industry. To achieve this, we will provide professional practice story and script development training and a programme for understanding the business of film and media. This will help to create a larger pool of talented screenwriters and development personnel in Britain for the key creative phase for film and television projects, leading to more culturally diverse creative teams and work that speaks truthfully to audiences and represents the modern world.